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Study abroad
Our students enroll in universities in Canada, Australia, the UAE, Singapore and other countries
The admission process differs for different countries. For example, to enter Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand, you will most often need to take the IELTS exam.

About Ivy Course

Ivy League Education — A leader in SAT, IELTS and General English prep.

We have been helping students since 2016.

Since the SAT and IELTS are taken in a digital format, we believe that it is best to prepare in a format that simulates the real exams. This will help students feel comfortable in a familiar environment during the exam.

This is the reason why we developed the Ivy Course educational platform:

  • Recorded video lessons

    Led by our experts. Detailed analysis of each topic.

  • Tests

    The interface closely simulates the real SAT and digital IELTS exams

  • Database of US universities

    Information on programs, tuition fees and admission requirements in all of the universities in the US

  • And more

    A test on English language proficiency, our blog, ranking of the best universities in the world, and more

Our strengths

  • Convenience

    To learn you no longer need to wait for the teach or the lecturer to free up, you can study at your schedule

  • Availability

    With the online platform you can learn at any location and at any time that works for you.

  • Authenticity

    Our content and exams closely mimick the real SAT and IELTS

  • Personalization

    The online platform gives each person the opportunity to learn and his or her own pace, allowing to go back and repeat past material

Our courses

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SAT Prep

The SAT exam consists of 2 parts - the Verbal and the Math parts

We offer comprehensive courses on SAT Math and Verbal and offer full-fledged exams simulating the real Digital SAT exam.

A Course on the SAT Verbal

30 lessons + 3 Digital SAT mock tests

A Course on the SAT Math

24 lessons + 3 Digital SAT mock tests

Digital SAT Diagnostic Test

Section 1 — Reading & Writing (2 modules 32 minutes each)
10-minute break
Section 2 — Math (2 modules 35 minutes each)